Tea Girls & Waitresses

We are known for providing Tea Boys and Girls with quality. Our Tea Boys and Girls are always well trained and smartly dressed in appropriate uniforms and thereby add a real “touch-of-class” to your business work and event environment allowing your business to operate in the most efficient, cost effective and professional manner possible.

Quality We Ensure

We provide hospitality services to our customers and their guests by employing friendly and trained staff to provide high quality services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Experienced Workers

Our Tea Boys and Girls are trained in hot and cold beverage preparation, office tea/coffee service, and can be trained for hospitality events as required.

Hospitality service company

Experienced People can help you more.

We ensure that whatever it takes to make, and keep, guests happy and returning to your place of business. It is our staff's duty that the smallest details must be adhered to. From the way a table in the dining area is set, to the presentation of the food, to the serving of the food/beverage, to the room preparedness, all aspects are important to guests.